About the Virginia Militia Alliance

Virginia Militia Alliance is here to support and unite all of the active militia and patriot groups of Virginia. As the Militia we have an obligation to uphold the authority of We the People as the supreme ruler over all affairs. And we have a duty to restore such authority where it has been taken from us.

As the Militia it is our duty to defend our Civil power and adhere to our oath that is to protect American citizens from an elite, tyrannical government that seeks to take the power away from the people. As such, it is the duty of all Militia to form an allegiance in arms with each other as brothers and sisters, including but not limited to Militia groups in our home state of Virginia as well as Militias and patriot groups across this great Nation.

Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis.

The purpose of the Virginia Militia Alliance is to support and aid the collaboration of all militia and patriot groups, but the organization itself does not seek to form militia groups or organize boots on the group operations.

We commit to helping individuals to find local militia and patriot groups in their areas in the state of Virginia and aid in the forming of coalitions between individual groups in and out of the Commonwealth.

Email: virginiamilitiaalliance@gmail.com

Phone: 540-407-4154